Hello, and welcome to One Bit Game. This site is purposefully simple, a home to a handful of classic computer and board games. Whether you just need to kill one minute, have a bit of time between meetings, or need a simple game to clear your mind, One Bit Game has you covered. No fancy graphics, no eye catching animations, just a touch of fun in between our busy lives.

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Game Disclaimer

Disclaimer of Ownership:

The games featured on this website, including but not limited to Hangman, Four in a row, Tetris, Bulls and Cows, Five Dice Challenge, Asteroid Shooter, Ping-Pong, and Brickout, may be inspired by classic games and their mechanics. It is important to note that the rights, trademarks, and ownership of these original games belong to their respective creators, publishers, and trademark holders. This website is not associated with, endorsed by, or affiliated with the original creators, publishers, or trademark holders of these games.

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Creative Transformation and Commercial Aspects:

The games showcased on this website are innovative adaptations and reinterpretations inspired by classic titles, including Hangman, Connect Four, Tetris, Bulls and Cows, Yahtzee, Asteroids, Pong, and Breakout. While these adaptations maintain their own unique gameplay, features, and artistic elements, they do not seek to replicate or infringe upon the copyrighted components of the original games.

Fair Use and Creative Expression:

The games on this website represent transformative works created with the intention of offering unique and innovative experiences. These adaptations are designed to celebrate the cultural significance of the original games and their mechanics while contributing to the evolution of game design and creativity.

Commercial Intent and Advertising:

This website may incorporate advertisements as part of its operation. These advertisements are intended to support the ongoing maintenance and development of the website. The inclusion of ads does not affect the fact that this website does not claim ownership of, or affiliation with, the original creators, publishers, or trademark holders of the games featured here.

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