Asteroid Shooter

Left/Right spin, Up goes forward, Down goes back, Space fires.


Asteroids, introduced by Atari in 1979, stands as a classic space-themed arcade game that has left an enduring impact on gaming culture. Set against a backdrop of drifting asteroids in deep space, players pilot a triangular spaceship tasked with navigating through the treacherous field while fending off collisions and enemy threats. The controls are elegantly simple, with left and right arrow keys enabling players to rotate their ship and the up arrow propelling it forward. Meanwhile, the down arrow applies reverse thrust. Spacebar commands the ship’s firing mechanism, allowing players to launch shots and obliterate asteroids. This blend of intricate asteroid dodging and precise shooting mechanics created an addictive and challenging experience, cementing Asteroids as a beloved classic that has continued to captivate gamers for decades. This game is an ode to that original game.