Five Dice Challenge
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"Yahtzee," a classic dice game created by Milton Bradley (now Hasbro), has become a beloved staple of social gatherings and game nights since its introduction in 1956. Rooted in the traditions of chance and strategy, Yahtzee involves players taking turns rolling five dice to achieve specific combinations and accumulate points. The game's objective is to obtain the highest overall score by filling out various categories on the score sheet. Each turn consists of three rolls of the dice, with the option to keep or re-roll specific dice to create the desired combination. The game offers a wide range of scoring categories, including ones that require specific dice combinations like three of a kind, full house (three of one, two of another), straights, and, of course, the coveted Yahtzee—a five-of-a-kind roll. This game, then, is loosely inspired by that game.