Bulls and Cows

Try to guess the secret 4-digit number! Each digit 1-9 is only used once.

The number of Bulls – digits correct in the right position.

The number of Cows – digits correct but in the wrong position.

You have 8 guesses.

Enter your guess:

“Bulls and Cows,” also known as “Mastermind” or “Cows and Bulls,” is a classic code-breaking game that originated in the 1970s. Created by Mordecai Meirowitz, the game gained popularity for its engaging blend of deduction and logic. In the game, one player sets a secret code consisting of a sequence of unique digits, and the other player attempts to guess the code within a limited number of turns. After each guess, the code-maker provides feedback in the form of “bulls” and “cows.” A “bull” represents a correctly guessed digit in the correct position, while a “cow” represents a correctly guessed digit in the wrong position. The guessing player uses this feedback to refine their guesses and ultimately deduce the correct code. The challenge lies in strategically selecting guesses based on the available information and narrowing down the possibilities through a process of elimination, making it a captivating game of deduction and logic.